Find out about types of real estate investment funds and other interesting facts about the real estate industry

Find out about types of real estate investment funds and other interesting facts about the real estate industry

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Did you know that the word ‘real’ in real estate comes from the Latin root res which means ‘things’? Keep on reading for more enjoyable facts about the property business.

When we think about real-estate, residential real estate is most likely the very first one that comes to mind, as it's amongst the most common types of real estate. Most any person who has ever had to buy, rent or sell a house has dealt with residential real estate. Residential properties are used to live in by families, single individuals, or even groups of men and women who are not related by blood. Residential properties can either be newly constructed houses, like the ones built by Persimmon, or existing structures that can be resold. Even though many residential properties offered on the market nowadays will not date to earlier than 70 or 80 years, you can find some rare and special examples of older constructions being sold or rented out nowadays. As such you can come across grand manors from 17th and 18th centuries, medieval castles and occasionally even buildings like churches that have been restored to live in.

Despite the fact that we generally associate real estate with some types of constructions, real estate industry overview shows that empty land can also be thought to be a type of home. Empty land can be utilized for eventual construction of some type of home, either industrial, residential or some other kind depending on its eventual use. In this case it would be changed into a new kind of housing. However, more commonly empty land is often used for farming aims, like it’s by Riverford Organic farm. In this case farmers pay attention to the characteristics of this plot of land, like they would if they were purchasing a house. Its size and location are obviously highly important, but the land’s chemical composition and the climate of the space might be a bit more of a priority to some farmers as the type of farming they do will depend on these aspects.

There are a variety of various types of real estate companies that specialize in dealing with a particular type of real estate. There are likewise some real-estate companies that deal with assorted real estate examples at once. Criterion Capital for instance often deals with commercial housing, but also works with other forms of properties. Commercial housing entails any example of property that is employed with commercial purposes, meaning it is used to acquire a revenue by offering some sort of service or selling some sort of good. Office buildings is the obvious example, but they likewise encompass shopping malls, stand-alone boutiques, hotels, academic buildings (such as schools, universities and kindergartens), and hotels. Hospital buildings can be in some instances considered to be business housing if the services provided there are done for a profit.

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